Children Of The Deterrent by Ian W. Sainsbury

Whats it about?

The first book in a new trilogy by the author of the bestselling The World Walker series.

“My name is Daniel Harbin and I’m a child of The Deterrent.”
What if a super human turned out not to be so super…or even human? Britain’s superhero, The Deterrent, was unveiled to the world in 1979, and disappeared two years later.
The truth about his origins has never been revealed. The rumours about his children—those that survived—and their mysterious abilities have never been confirmed.
Until now.
Armed with a diary that reveals everything about The Deterrent’s early years, Daniel Harbin—discovering powers of his own—finds himself dragged into the same secretive government department his famous father worked for.
Can a halfhero be a better superhero than his father, or is Daniel making a terrible mistake?
When the wrong people know what you’re capable of, no matter how powerful you are, you’re still in danger….


Firstly, what a fun concept? Who doesn’t love a superhero story? Don’t be fooled by the first couple of chapters things certainly ramp up and the first half of the book does a brilliant job of building intrigue with a very mysterious plot.

Its a relatively short book which seems to suit, Sainsbury has a fairly easy going writing style and tends to get straight to the point, which again feels good. His main characters are indeed special but imperfect enough to be both likeable and believable.

One of my few gripes has to be the lack of work on the main antagonists, which feels too much of a contrast to the protagonists. I’d like to know more than “I am doing what’s best for my country” its just not enough, especially when the time skips in the novel cover some serious mileage.

However on the whole a brilliant concept, fantastically intriguing and a lot of interesting twists make the book an enthralling read!

Rating? 60 / 100

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